134 actors shortlisted from 5000+ applications for short film

Location, location, location! is a short film that is due to be shot in 2023. Funded by the BAI and written by Declan, the 15-minute short tells two parallel stories – one of a high-flying couple with a first-world problem, and the second of a Polish national who finds himself camping by the side of a Dublin canal when he loses his long-term rented apartment and can’t find a replacement.

When Declan got word that the film had been funded, he turned to TikTok to cast it.

“Ireland, in particular, has seen a lot of cultural change in society,” he explained, ” and that seems to take some time to show in the areas where I’d normally cast for films. TikTok, though, is very representative and there are a lot of people who might not be professional actors, but they’re clearly very comfortable in front of the camera. What I wasn’t counting on was the response.”

It was the end of July when Declan put out the TikTok call for people to come forward if they were interested. Over 5,000 people responded – a massive pool of talent to find great actors for the roles available, but an administrative nightmare to whittle down. Finally, this week sees emails go out to 134 people who have been shortlisted for 14 speaking roles. This group will be invited to attend a video conference call where the practicalities of getting involved in the film will be explained, they will have a chance to ask questions and then a series of auditions will take place to find the final cast.

“It’s been a long process, but I’m excited at the prospect of having a super cast,” said Declan.