Short film project gets a new name

Declan’s short film, working title “Location, location, location!” has been renamed. After a unique casting process, exclusively through the TikTok social media platform, the cast for the BAI-funded film was selected last month, and their first collective task was to vote on a name for the project, which is due to shoot in late June and July.
“There were about 10 names that came from a brainstorming session,” revealed Declan, and they all went into a poll. In the end ‘Displaced’ was chosen. I think it’s really apt. The film is about the importance of place – whether that’s a place to live or simply being in a certain place at a certain time. When that sense of place is disrupted, things can go very wrong.”
Rehearsals and recruiting crew are now underway. The project can be followed here or through Declan’s social media channels – particularly TikTok.