Cameras about to roll on my new film “Displaced”

Those of you who follow my social or website, you’ll be aware that I cast my BAI (now CnaM)-funded short film on TikTok, getting over 5,000 emails from people who wanted to be involved. After months of whittling down applicants for cast and crew, live auditions and all of the admin that goes with getting a project off the ground, we’re about to start rolling on the film ‘Displaced’.

Tomorrow – that ‘s Thursday, June 15 – sees me meet with the final 16 from 358 crew applicants to pin down roles and a shoot schedule for the coming weeks. Monday evening sees the cast meeting where we iron out any last wrinkles and agree on the schedule. I expect to have the first footage in the can (we’re shooting digital 4k, so that’s not strictly accurate 🙂 before the end of this month with the main shooting taking place in July.

If you’re interested in following our progress, getting involved as an extra or helping out in any other way, do follow me here or @DeclanCreative on the main social media platforms. It’s my first drama, after a lot of TV work, in a while, so I’m excited!