Scheduling challenges see shoot delay on film

Declan’s current Coimisiún na Meán (formerly Broadcasting Authority of Ireland)- funded film ‘Displaced’ will run over schedule, the film maker revealed today, after consultation with cast and crew.

“We had been aiming to have the film in the can by the end of July, but a perfect storm of challenges has made that impossible,” he said. “A lot of it is to do with people being away on holiday. We did manage to find some very tight windows where crew and cast were available, but the locations turned out to be problematic at those times, so we agreed to reschedule into August so that crew, cast and locations have plenty of time to lock dates into calendars.”

The film tells two parallel stories – one of Stefan, a Polish national whose longterm Dublin rental has fallen through, leaving him desperately seeking new accommodation, and that of Sara and Catey, a high-flying successful couple with a first world problem that threatens their relationship.

The film was fully cast and crewed through the TikTok platform and has a large following, who will have access to behind-the-scenes footage as the film is shot.

“It has been a very unique project because of the TikTok angle,” explained Declan. “The cast and crew are – as a result – a mix of professionals and talented but totally raw first-timers. The dynamic is great, though. Because of the long process that got us this far, it feels like family at this point.”

You can keep up with the project here or on Declan’s social @DeclanCreative.