A tiny, little studio, with great big ambitions!

When I founded EurAV – the non-profit organisation that brings audio visual professionals together to use their skills for social aims – I had a vision of a premises with a small meeting and training room as well as a tiny, but fully functional tv studio. This studio would be the home of TVIE – a social TV channel, focussing on topics such as climate action, multiculturalism, media literacy, arts and creativity. It was early 2020 when the papers arrived from the Company Registration Office to say that EurAV European Audio Visual CLG was up and running. A week later, the country was locked down as COVID swept across the world. So four years went by before EurAV turned the key on its Drogheda premises but, as the saying goes, “better late than never”.

True to the original vision, the EurAV premises has a tiny, but functional green screen studio where interviews, vlogs and podcasts can be recorded. There is also a training and meeting room as well as administrative office space for the organisation. And, because the lack of a premises didn’t stop EurAV from being very active, we’re hitting the ground running. Our organisation is a partner in five European Union-backed projects where it is collaborating with other organisations from Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Poland, North Macedonia, Slovakia and Spain. The projects range from climate action in the food sector, to social integration through music and digital literacy for senior citizens. These projects generally involve face-to-face meetings so we’re looking forward to showing Drogheda off to visitors from across Europe. We’ve attended meetings in Zaragoza, Tusa, Berlin and Bitola and Drogheda can hold its own alongside any of them, in terms of restaurants, heritage and beauty spots. We’re also just 45 minutes from Dublin airport, which is probably just as quick, if not quicker, than a trip to Dublin Southside. We’re also looking for local synergies. We’ve partnered with Sonairte on one sustainable food project, CASK (Climate Aware Seasonal Kitchen) and with Hands4Unity on another (New Horizons). If what you do is community or social focussed, I’d love to hear from you to see where we can support each other. There’s an opportunity to see the premises, meet and chat at a launch we’re having for the premises on the evening of April 9th. Email me at contact@eurav.eu for details.

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