The face of a ‘Music Icon’ revealed

June and July sees Declan shooting his BAI-funded short film “Displaced” and the cast are now in rehearsals. One of the main storylines in the film deals with a couple who are at loggerheads because one of the two promised to buy tickets for the last ever gig of music superstar ‘Melanee’ – and then slept late and missed the online ticket sale. Melanee, however, doesn’t exist in real life – and when the scene calls for a huge poster of someone who doesn’t exist, it calls for a campaign.

The search for the ‘Face of Melanee’ was carried out on social media and saw hundreds of photographs arrive at the inbox of writer/director Declan.

“I put out a single call and that was it,” he revealed. “I stopped advertising then because, pretty quickly, we had a load of photos to choose from.”

Declan narrowed it down to 10 finalists and then the cast of the film were given the final vote.

“In the end it was pretty decisive. Over half of the cast voted for Nicola,” said the director. “She has a super look. She’s also very creative. Her work on Instagram (@celtic_wren_art) is phenomenal, so I think it’s a charisma, as well, that makes her the perfect ‘Melanee’.

Declan and Nicola will arrange a photoshoot to get the ‘Melanee’ shot for a poster which will feature in the final scene of the film. #BeMelanee #Displaced