Theme song for TikTok-cast short film penned by UK group

As the BAI-funded short film “Displaced” goes into production, with rehearsals underway, a UK band has come up trumps with a theme song, penned especially for the movie. We heard from the band’s singer, Peter Hogan, about how it all came about.

“I was really impressed by Declan using his posts on TikTok to offer opportunities to people who under normal circumstances would never be given such a chance,” explained Peter. “I have always wanted to write theme songs for film and TV but it’s incredibly hard to get into. I thought maybe this might be a chance for me too, and so it has transpired. I still can’t quite believe that it’s happening.”

Declan was inundated by over 5,000 emails when he announced, on TikTok, that he was looking for actors for his film. Most were vying for the 15 or so speaking roles. Others, however, were interested in different aspects of the project.

“We had quite a number of musicians who came forward, offering music for the film, which was great,” explained Declan. “There are more and more sources for music out there because, with YouTubers and the like, the demand has never been as high. But there’s something very special about a song that has been written specifically for a project. And that’s what The Be-AclecticS brought to the table.”

The Be-AclecticS is the name that Peter and his collaborator, guitarist Andy Boyall, have given to their band.

“I have really eclectic taste, anything from Beethoven to the Beatles,” explained Peter. “Hence the band name ‘the Be-AclecticS’.”

It was the name that first grabbed Declan’s attention.

“I had been flicking through emails and the name jumped out at me. It took me a while to figure out the pronunciation, and by that time I was invested. Peter was offering to write a song and his creative energy was obvious. I also listened to some of the band’s other work and felt that it had a unique charm that would work well in the film, so I got back in touch with Peter and took him through the storyline to see if it would inspire him.”

While the film is now called ‘Displaced’, the working title was “Location, location, location!”, and that idea remains at the heart of the story.

“Declan sent me a copy of the script, which I just loved and followed the narrative but Location, Location, Location were challenging lyrics to accommodate in the song,” admitted Peter.

“The story explores similar themes to Thomas Hardy and has ‘Sliding Doors’ moments where Stefan and Sara (the two main protagonists) try to control their lives but are powerless to do so and it is fate, luck, location, whatever you wish to call it, that ends up determining their destinies,” explained the songwriter. “I particularly wanted to encapsulate that fact that Stefan, even though he desperately needs money, stays true to himself and his values despite fate tempting him.”

A video, featuring scenes from the film, will be released after the film is shot.

To hear other songs by ‘The Be-AclecticS’ you can find them on Spotify and YouTube.