Scripts and audition notices gone out

The auditions for Declan’s short film, “Location, location, location!”, are finally upon us. The audition slots and scripts have gone out to the 100+ actors who were shortlisted from an initial application of over 5,000 after the casting call was made on TikTok.

“We were a little overwhelmed at the response,” admitted Declan, “but we’re finally at the stage where we’re about to find out who the cast will be. It’s been a lesson in logistics for us and a lesson in patience for all those who came forward, but using TikTok has allowed us to reach people that we wouldn’t usually get to see, and that’s really important in terms of diversity and inclusion. Irish society is so multicultural now, but a lot of the newcomers don’t get their news from the traditional forms of media. For those of us in the film and television space, we have to stay on top of the changes in communication technology to stay relevant.”

The auditions take place over the weekend of January 21 with filming expected to get underway in spring. The film was funded, along with a documentary that explores the issues that the story raises, by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland under its Sound and Vision initiative.

You can keep up to date with the project here or through TikTok – @DeclanCreative